World Smile Day is Coming!

Friday, October 7th is World Smile Day!


In 1963, artist Harvey Ball designed the first smiley face.

His goal? Raising morale and bringing “good cheer and good works” to the world. In 1999, the World Smile Corporation was founded, and it was determined that the first Friday in October would be “World Smile Day.” The mission of World Smile Day is to “do an act of kindness- help one person smile.”

CV Dental Care is Dedicated to Helping Everyone Smile

When you’re in our office, you’re family. We have the opportunity every day to take care of our patients and provide them the same level of care that we would offer to our own mother. Through quality care, lives are truly changed for the better!

Dr. Bigler shared a story about a patient who came in to have a toothache looked at. He barely smiled, and was teased for his crooked teeth. His self-confidence was at an all-time low, and he had decided that it was time to change something. Dr. Bigler sat and talked with him and came up with a plan to fix this man’s teeth. Six months later, he came back into our office for a checkup, and we could hardly recognize him! He was beaming! He told us how his life had been completely changed because of his teeth. He was in a better job, he was happy, and his smile was absolutely genuine.

We live for moments like these.

Join us on Friday, October 7th. Do an act of kindness for another person. Let’s make the World Smile.


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